When Should I Paint My House?

Many people ask “when should I paint my house?” If you are hiring a licensed painting contractor, you want the inside painted, and you have good air conditioning, the answer is mid-August. This will guarantee your painters will be quick, accurate, and grateful. Unfortunately for painters everywhere, the cloudless Summer months in Eugene, Oregon provide… Read more »

When Should I Paint My Deck?

Checkmakr Painting offers residential and commercial staining in Eugene.

In Eugene, Oregon, properly maintaining your custom-built deck is of the utmost importance. Pounding rain, scorching sun, and wild temperature swings do a number on decks – even decks made of extra-durable materials like pressure-treated lumber or exotic woods. Deck stains and finishes help prevent the harmful effects moisture, heat, and weathering can have on… Read more »

Paint Prep: Helpful Hints

We all want our home improvement projects to be successful. To ensure a successful painting project, it’s helpful to make a plan to manage your time and your resources effectively. One of the most effective time management tips, especially in painting projects, is prep work. The benefits of prepping for a paint project While prep… Read more »

5 signs that it’s time to repaint the interior of your home

When you are assessing if it is time to repaint the interior of your home there are a few key indicators to look for. When it’s time to repaint, you’ll see… Blistering Paint blistering is a telltale sign that you should consider repainting. When paint blisters it can be caused by overlong exposure to heat… Read more »

How to paint concrete walls

Concrete walls don’t have to limit your design aesthetics. A boring gray wall can be transformed with color in a few simple steps. Consider the following when tackling a concrete painting project: How to paint a concrete wall 1. The first step in this process is to clean and prep the concrete you will be… Read more »

How to clean a paint spill on carpet

There is room for error in pretty much any home improvement project, especially when your project involves paint. But, remember to cut yourself some slack and stay calm in the event that you spill latex paint on your floors. There is a relatively simple solution for even this kind of mishap. We hope to alleviate… Read more »

Should I add mildewcide to my exterior paint?

Given the Northwest’s damp climate, adding a mildewcide to your exterior paint isn’t a bad idea. In fact, many paints come with mildewcide as an additive already. The main goal of adding a mildewcide to paint is to prevent mold and mildew from building up on exterior siding. Prep for fresh paint Painting a house… Read more »

Great color choices for tiny spaces

If the room you want to repaint is a smaller space, such as a den or a powder room, that doesn’t mean you need to downsize the style of your design. If anything, smaller spaces challenge us to make the most of what we have and encourage smart design choices. The following pointers will be… Read more »

How to tell if it is time for a new paint job for the exterior of your home

Are you wondering if it is time to invest in updating the exterior of your home? Here are a few guiding ideas that will help you determine if you need a new paint job: Simple wear and tear It may be time to consider a new exterior paint job if any of the following are… Read more »

Tips for making bedroom spaces into serene oases

Bedroom spaces are important features of our homes because they are the spaces where we relax, unwind and recharge for our busy lives. When you’re thinking about how to design and paint a bedroom, it is important to think about your own personal style related to your décor choices, as well as the color pallets… Read more »