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When It's Time
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5 Signs It's Time to Repaint the Interior of Your Home

When you are assessing if it is time to repaint the interior of your home there are a few key indicators to look for.

When it’s time to repaint, you’ll see…
Paint blistering is a telltale sign that you should consider repainting. When paint blisters it can be caused by overlong exposure to heat or moisture.

Fading can occur if there are areas of exposed wall that are subject to consistent direct sunlight. The sunlight can cause the paint to break down and the pigment to fade over time.

5 Signs That It’s Time To Repaint

Scuffs on walls occur as a result of the normal wear and tear of a living space, especially in high traffic areas like hallways. When scuffs become more difficult to remove from walls, this may indicate it is time for a new paint job.

Repainting the interior of your home with some of the newer painting products on the market will ensure that any scuffs that do occur are easier to clean and remove without compromising the integrity of your paint.

Obvious peeling
If there are areas in your home where the paint is peeling and chipping off of the surface, this is a definite sign that the area is in need of new paint.

Other factors
Other factors, such as excessive wood smoke or cigarette smoke exposure, can leave stains and streaks on the walls that can only be remedied by repainting.

5 Signs That It’s Time To Repaint

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