When Should I Paint My House?

Exterior painting company Checkmark Painting's van parked outside of a two-story home in the Eugene, OR area

Many people ask “when should I paint my house?” If you are hiring a
licensed painting contractor, you want the inside painted, and you have
good air conditioning, the answer is mid-August. This will guarantee
your painters will be quick, accurate, and grateful. Unfortunately for
painters everywhere, the cloudless Summer months in Eugene, Oregon
provide the best opportunities for exterior painting. Here at Checkmark
Painting, we do a top notch job no matter what the weather. That being
said, we also never turn down an offer of cold lemonade, and we’ve
learned how to avoid painting in the direct sunlight whenever possible.

Your house’s exterior envelope is its first line of defense against all
kinds of weather, and your paint is at the front of that line. It takes
a beating every year, especially here in Eugene, Oregon. We’ve heard all
kinds of claims about the longevity of this or that new paint, and we
may have even made some ourselves, but the fact remains: as soon as you
notice cracking, peeling, or checking on your house paint, things have
come to a head.

It’s decision time: do you wait another season and hope the damage
doesn’t spread, or do you call in a professional painter and get the job
done right? This question only becomes more pressing as the last storm
systems of the year roll through. If the “good painting weather” window
stays open until September, we are really lucky. That gives us maybe
three and a half months to knock out all the jobs that begin to roll in
as soon as people start spending time in the yard and noticing the state
of their paint. It might be time to go take a look yourself, thenĀ  come
back and read the rest of this post.

We’ll wait.

If you discovered something you don’t like, Checkmark Painting would be
more than happy to come take a look at it. You can call us direct at
(541) 606-1394 or click this link to schedule a free estimate.