Tips for making bedroom spaces into serene oases

A bedroom with a mural behind the bed representing how Checkmark Painting, a painting company in Eugene, OR, can use custom interior paint jobs to make bedrooms more cozy

Bedroom spaces are important features of our homes because they are the spaces where we relax, unwind and recharge for our busy lives. When you’re thinking about how to design and paint a bedroom, it is important to think about your own personal style related to your décor choices, as well as the color pallets that will support an ambiance of rest and relaxation.

Consider the size of the space

Typically, bedrooms are smaller than other rooms in your house. A great way to put a personal touch on your bedroom, while also capitalizing on the space in the room, is to use one wall as a focal or accent wall. Then, paint the other walls a neutral complimentary color to help make the room feel more spacious and relaxing.

What colors are in your pallet?

Lastly, color pallet choice is important. While styles may vary, some of the most popular bedroom colors are soft, soothing tones of blue, green, and gray. We like SW 9138 Stardew for blues. A great choice for a green color scheme is SW Bonsai Tint. Also, take a look at SW 9165 Gossamer Veil for a great neutral option.

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