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Lead Paint Renovation, Restoration & Removal

Lead-based paint is often used in homes built before 1978, causing lead poisoning and health hazards. It is important that lead paint is controlled correctly, creating the least amount of dust possible during the process. Certified as Lead Paint Licensed Renovators, we comply with all lead laws and regulations for your safety.

Lead Paint Encapsulation

While completely removing lead paint may seem like a sensible option, the risk of lead exposure can increase with heightened levels of loose lead and dust from the process. For this reason, we use encapsulation as a solution to lead paint renovation, restoration and removal. In this procedure, exposed lead paint is completely sealed with a specialized coating liquid, acting as a barrier for your protection.

We have developed a custom encapsulation product that effectively soaks into surfaces, gluing any loose lead paint down. Paint is then applied over the encapsulated surface for a perfectly sealed paint job, lasting 25 years or more.

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