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About Mark Inks, Owner of Checkmark Painting

Mark first began his training in the painting industry over 30 years ago at a custom painting company as a summer job. Through the years, Mark developed a passion for painting and gained a reputation in the industry as a highly skilled painter. Mark believes that quality is paramount and relationships developed with customers are the foundation for success.

Checkmark Painting is guided by the values and passion instilled in Mark from his family, the company where he was trained and his life-long experience in the painting industry. The combination of product knowledge, craftsmanship, values and striving for perfection deliver superior results that our customers will experience from start to finish.

Our Promise

We use products that meet or exceed standards set by Master Painters Institute to ensure quality and sustainable results. We use the highest quality paints to provide maximum coverage and durability to avoid frequent repainting. We use the widest selection possible to ensure you have the products needed for all levels of aesthetic, environmental and performance requirements. We also research new products and techniques as they are introduced to the market. We rely on product data from manufactures that is compiled from extensive field testing, lab tests and market research. You can count on Checkmark Painting to deliver outstanding craftsmanship combined with the industry’s leading painting products that create exceptional value and durability.