How to clean a paint spill on carpet

A wet paint brush spilling paint onto a white carpet representing how the exterior painting professionals at Checkmark Painting in Springfield, OR avoid making a mess

There is room for error in pretty much any home improvement project, especially when your project involves paint. But, remember to cut yourself some slack and stay calm in the event that you spill latex paint on your floors.

There is a relatively simple solution for even this kind of mishap. We hope to alleviate the stress and anxiety by telling you how.

Interior painting tip: How to clean a paint spill on your carpet

First, use a sponge and cold water to blot away as much excess paint as possible. Be sure to blot instead of wipe. This technique helps to prevent spreading the paint to a wider surface area and keeps the paint from working further into the carpet fibers.

Next, apply paint thinner to the area, blotting the surface until the paint is removed. If you don’t have paint thinner on hand, don’t worry. Try a solution of one cup warm water with one teaspoon of dish soap. Soak the stain, letting it stand for 10 to 15 minutes before blotting the surface clean again.

Why you should paint in your socks

If you are painting indoors, consider painting in your socks. This may sound silly, but you can feel if you have trekked through paint immediately when you wear socks as opposed to shoes. This significantly decreases your chances of spreading unknowingly spilled paint to other surfaces in your home, while still protecting your feet from paint drips.

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The professional painters at Checkmark Painting are equipped with the skills and experience to make sure your painting project is completed without any damage to your carpet or hard surface flooring. Reach out to us for more painting tips, or for a free painting estimate today.