Lead paint removal in Eugene

Checkmark Painting in Eugene offers lead paint removal and restoration.

Prior to the 1970s, it was very common for house paint to contain harmful additives including lead. Time and exposure to elements often can lead to the paint chipping which can in turn crumble into dust. Exposure to these particles can be extremely hazardous for adults, children and pets. Call a professional for lead paint… Read more »

How to choose interior paint by quality and cost

Checkmark Painting in Eugene uses premium paint materials for interior painting services.

For many of us, finding the best price for quality materials is the ultimate goal when it comes to home improvement. Often, cost-effectiveness is a key factor in the process; the name of the game is to attain the optimum look on a budget. When it comes to painting projects, there are some areas in… Read more »

Color design apps for your smartphone

With a busy schedule, it’s often difficult to find the time to dedicate to planning your next painting project. Perhaps there is no time to meet with an interior designer or specialist, or maybe you are looking for a way to save a trip to your local paint store to pick up a collection of… Read more »

How to refurbish your deck in Eugene

Checkmark Painting offers deck staining and painting in Eugene.

As the weather is getting warmer, you may be looking forward to entertaining guests and enjoying your home. What better way to get ready for barbecues and backyard parties than with a refurbished deck? 1. Clean There are a few steps to take to beautify and protect your deck. After removing all necessary furniture from… Read more »

How to select interior and exterior paint colors

Checkmark Painting in Eugene offers color design assistance for interior and exterior paint color.

Here at Checkmark Painting, many of our customers come to us for guidance on choosing color schemes for their next home improvement project. We are often asked, “What are your most popular paint colors?” Here are a few guidelines we suggest to our customers when choosing paint colors. Early planning is the key to success… Read more »

How to choose paint colors for your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms

Checkmark Painting can help select interior paint colors.

Selecting paint colors for your home is an important job. The color can determine the feel of your home and affect the interior design. While it can be difficult, it doesn’t need to be time consuming or stressful. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting paint colors for your kitchen, bathroom… Read more »

Painting tips to refresh your trim, moulding and woodwork

Checkmark Painting in Eugene provides interior painting for trim, moulding and doors.

Looking for a way to polish your home? Perhaps the color of your rooms is exactly what you want and is a perfect match for the architectural and interior design of your home. One way to ensure your home is in pristine order is to refresh the paint job on your trim, moulding, doors and… Read more »

Four exterior painting tips to capitalize on curb appeal

Checkmark Painting in Eugene provides exterior painting for home staging

Thinking about putting your house on the real estate market? Remember the first thing potential buyers will look at is the outside of the house. What better way to make a great first impression than with a new exterior paint job? Consider these exterior elements to raise the value of your home and to capitalize… Read more »

Benefits of using eco-friendly paint

Eco-friendly painting options in Eugene

Just like most things in life, not all paint is made the same. Recently, the market has seen tremendous growth with more eco-friendly painting options becoming readily available. But, is eco-friendly paint right for you? Take a look at the benefits below. Cost-effective In terms of cost effectiveness, many eco-friendly wall paints are comparable in… Read more »

Cleaning tips for your interior painting

Cleaning and maintenance tips for interior painting, Eugene

Congratulations! Your home improvement work is complete. Your rooms are warm and inviting— the exact color scheme to match your home décor. However, you are met with inevitable fingerprints, scuffs and stains on your newly painted walls. Here’s how to clean and maintain your newly painted surface to look clean, crisp and freshly painted. Consider… Read more »